“Phenomenal. Funny. Poignant.”

Tony Sarabia of WBEZ’s Morning Shift

“Astonishing Performance. Pinnock’s stage presence is transfixing.”

 TimeOut  star-1139372_640star-1139372_640star-1139372_640star-1139372_640

“Pinnock’s gift for embodying several different characters, make the show consistently appealing and insightful.”

Chicago Tribune star-1139372_640 star-1139372_640 star-1139372_640 

“A Force of Nature”

 Chicago Stage Standard

 “The woman behind me was weeping. Pinnock allows us to see her own fragility rooted in body-oriented self esteem.  Pinnock’s storytelling is universal/personal, funny/poignant, playful/disturbing, beautiful/powerful. I highly highly recommend Danielle Pinnock’s BODY/COURAGE.”  

The Fourth Walsh

 “Tremendous Feat in Acting. “

Chicago Reader

 “We need voices like Pinnock’s to combat our increasingly immediate evaluations of attractiveness. Entertaining, thoughtful and evocative, “Body/Courage” has substance and heart. And if that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is. “

 New City Stage 

“This is the future of our country, discussions such as this.”

Tracy Baim of Windy City Times

“Pinnock is pitch-perfect in her renditions, particularly of her Jamaican grandmothers but also of men both gay and straight, women both cis- and transgender and people of every level of education and income.  If there’s a woman in the world who can’t identify with Pinnock’s struggles, I have yet to meet her.  Highly recommended. “

Dueling Critics

“In her newest piece, Body/Courage, she fights the silence that normally surrounds body image and self-acceptance. She shares diverse stories about body image and encourages the audience to think and challenge their own perceptions while also considering their own stories.”

Proud2BeMe & NEDA

“I was in awe.”

LT in the City