Grandma & Me: What is YOUR Favorite Childhood Memory?

It has felt like eons since the last time I have written a blogpost. I miss you all! I have been super busy with rehearsals for Body/Courage (which are fantastic BTW) and have not had time to check in and write. How have the resolutions been so far?

My body acceptance story will be captured for the “World Premiere” of Body/Courage at Rivendell Theatre Ensemble co produced with Waltzing Mechanics. We begin the run January 28-February 27. Can you believe that it is finally happening?!? After 5 years of work it is coming together!

While rehearsing for the show I found these out of control photos of myself as a kid:


Why do I look like a Piñata in a Cognac glass!? Also why was this such a thing back in the early 90s in Caribbean homes!

Entering the New Year was difficult this year because my Grandma Aunt Dor who raised me suffered a 3rd stroke. Her health is still in critical condition and it is really hard to be away from my family during this time. I tell stories about her in Body/Courage so I hope you all can see it! This has to be one of my favorite stories of all time.

Grandma and Me: 


My Grandma Aunt Dor refused to shop in stores she swore by catalogs. Her favorites included: Newport News, Fredericks of Hollywood (yuck!) and Sears. As a kid I always looked like I was going to play Bingo with the ladies of “Golden Girls” or get a discount at IHOP with my AARP card.


All I need is a set of pearls and a deck of cards to play Bridge. 

My Grandma used to make me wear “slips.” Now for those who have no idea what a “slip” is, it is a silk petticoat to keep “lady bits” even more discreet.

BACK TO THE STORY: So my Grandma was a live-in nurse to an older German man we nicknamed “Hansi.” My Grandma stayed at Hansi’s house every Sunday-Friday and then came home on Friday evening for church on Saturday.

Next door to Grandma’s house lived my childhood crush let’s say his name was Jasper. Now, Jasper, was 2 years older than me but he was FYNE! He always ran to catch the ice cream truck, because I was so slow (tears.) AND he let me share Ice Cream sandwiches with him. So as a 9 year old I was like: THIS MAN IS ABOUT TO BE MY HUSBAND!

Now, one day on a Wednesday, we had the day off from school and my mom & grandma were at work and Jasper invited me to his house to play Sega Genesis.



I told my babysitter I was going to the house next door and she kept saying: “Your Grandmother will not be pleased.” I knew Grandma would be pissed, but I lied to my babysitter and said my Grandma was very close with our neighbors.


She let me go as long as I stayed for one hour!

Playing Sega Genesis in my “9 year old” mind was like 2nd base. I was losing track of time. We were TOTALLY going to kiss and I was so hyped. After we finished playing he wanted to play “7 minutes in heaven.” Which is a trashy game where you make out in a closet….but I was totally down for this.

Honey when I tell you the MOMENT I walked into that closet I heard SIRENS on the street. My Grandma Aunt Dor, who was supposed to be at work, called the entire Police Station squad and then she DRAGGED me out of their house. I WAS SO PISSED!

I could NEVER get my groove back with Jasper, because my Grandma took the entire week off work just so she could watch me like a hawk. My babysitter was replaced and her crazy friend from Jamaica, Miss. T, travelled all the way up from the Carribbean to watch me for the rest of the year.

#BodyCourage Giveaway

Y’all we have so many stories we can cook up and tell. I am going to giveaway TWO FREE TICKETS to see Body/Courage and some swag!

How to Enter:

  1. Post a photo of yourself when you were a child
  2. Follow, Tag & Share YOUR Favorite Childhood Memories with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: @bodycourage
  3. Use hashtag #BodyCourage
  4. LIKE on Facebook: Waltzing Mechanics & Rivendell Theatre Ensemble  

A winner will be announced on February 1st

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