Body/Courage Introduces: The Insecurity Series

How has your month been going so far? I cannot wait for Chicago to get it together in regards to the weather. Lord be a sliver of sunshine!

So I posted a picture of myself this weekend and EffYourBeautyStandards found the Photo and posted it to their social media pages and it garnered over 1300+ likes. I was so shocked.

EffYourBeautyStandards was created my plus size model Tess Munster, and the page is run by some pretty rad ladies. Their mission is all about body empowerment and being unapologetic. Use #EffYourBeautyStandards to join in the social media fun!

The funny thing is I can’t even get 20 people to like a photo on Instagram, so when I saw all of the comments and likes I knew this was a topic I wanted to talk about on the blog.

People from random parts of the world celebrated my body and courage to wear something out of my comfort zone. Many people told me they had been so afraid of showing THEIR arms too! It was eye-opening to know that I was not alone in my fear.

I was wearing a red tank top and have always been insecure about my chubby arms. OMG, I have so many memories of my grandmother putting me in a hot ass Newport News cardigans in the middle of August to cover my big arms.

On Saturday, for some reason, I was feeling really confident about myself, even with my chubby arms. So I had my lovely husband take a photo of me in hopes of letting people know that it is time to give some love to our biggest insecurities.


In these next couple of days I will be interviewing people and sharing the interviews on YouTube. I am slowly, but surely getting accustomed to VLOGGING so when I start my YouTube page please subscribe : )



I  want to have a big social media element involved with this series

be brave and take photos of what your are insecure with and use hashtags #BodyCourage and #InsecuritySeries on twitter, instagram & facebook 

Let me know if you would like to be interviewed for the Insecurity Series.

E-mail: or find me on Twitter/Instagram: @bodycourage




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