An Open Letter to Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful Campaign

So I just got home from: a voiceover audition, having lunch with my husband and audition coaching some students. It is time for a nap. So like most people, my falling asleep regiment includes scrolling through Facebook until I get tired enough to put the phone down. So I ran across my 9000th Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad on Facebook/Twitter and I think it is time for an open letter.

I have been trying to reach out to Dove for months. Their mission is in direct alignment with Body/Courage. I would love to collaborate with them in anyway possible this year. Friends, I have received your tweets, posts, and e-mails in regards to Dove and their new campaign. I am now going to take matters into my own hands. To all my readers if you think I should be collaborating with Dove share this post and use the hashtags: #DaniDove or #Courage4Dove so I know you’re reading : ) 

To Whom It May Concern, 

Dove, I love you! First of all I have been using your soap since I was four years. I think I am one of the few people in the world that uses bar soap!

I fell in love with Dove in high school when I saw a huge advertisement in the middle of Time Square that featured women with bodies that looked like mine! That billboard stopped everyone in their tracks and I will never forget. When I was in high school I lost over 40 pounds and when my father passed away I gained every pound back and then some! As an actor, especially during those teenage years, I was pressured to lose the weight by any means necessary. Seeing the Dove Ad, in the middle of the well lit Times Square, was a huge turning point for me. I realized that it was okay to look different and that women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The #SpeakBeautiful & #ChooseBeautiful campaigns are everything. I would love to collaborate with you all. I am a solo performer and playwright. The entire reason I developed Body/Courage was to begin a conversation about body image in the theatre. My main goal is promote positive body image for women and men. For the past three years I have been interviewing over 300 people worldwide about issues surrounding body image. The topics in my play include: teen bullying, surviving breast cancer, surviving domestic abuse, loving the skin you are in no matter what size you are, positive body image in the midst of severe illness, eating disorders and so much more.

Please watch the video of the showcase I did this past February.

The most important journey of Body/Courage was finding my own unique beauty through these courageous voices. I thank you Dove for giving women a chance to shine in the mainstream. Negative body Image has been a generational curse in my family and I created this show to break that curse.

My Pitch: I saw the video where Dove hired an FBI artist to sketch women in the way they described themselves. The artist then sketched how the women actually looked. At the end of the encounter he would put both portraits side by side to show the difference of how women view themselves and how others perceive them. It was so powerful.
I wonder if I could partner with Dove to something theatrical. What if I spent a day interviewing women about a topic of Dove’s choosing. The next evening, I would portray the stories in a small live performance so the women can hear their words verbatim. Dove, I can tell you first hand, verbatim theatre changes lives in such a powerfully transfixing way. What do you all think of this? Just a thought : )

If you would like any further information about me or about Body/Courage click here. My publicist, Julia Borcherts, and I would be so excited to chat further. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say I love you Dove! You are the best and thank you so much for letting women of all ages know they can be beautiful in the skin they are in!

goodman opening

With love,


#DaniDove #Courage4Dove 

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