Bourbon, Beads, Bands & Beignets: Body/Courage Goes to New Orleans

2015-03-15 12.26.52-12015-03-13 15.58.21-1

As I listen to Angie Stone’s “Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore” I can’t help but think fondly on NOLA. As many of you know I decided to take a $10 trip with my husband to New Orleans. Between all of the flights we have taken overseas I garnered enough miles to pay for an entire trip!

I was so exhausted! You don’t even understand the foolishness I put my body through. Let me break it down:

  • Learning over 100+ plus pages of text for Body/Courage One Night Only Showcase and Twilight: Los Angles,1992
  • Producing Body/Courage: One Night Only Showcase
  • Spending 10 weeks preparing my students to go to MFA Graduate School Auditions
  • Working Full-Time
  • Auditioning and Trying to be Fierce!

I was walking around Chicago like:

It is safe to say I needed a BREAK! I couldn’t even think straight. My back was hurting, I kept getting sick. I was just sick & tired of being sick & tired! The work kept piling up and my husband and I were like two ships in the night. He was working full-time & I was working 24 hours a day around the clock like a Hebrew Slave!

I was so desperate for a trip, in the middle of February, during some random Chicago Blizzard, at 3am I booked a one-way return ticket from NOLA to Chicago. I had no ticket there, but I knew King Jesus was not gonna play me out!

The week before the trip United Airlines let me use my miles to buy a ticket from Chicago to NOLA!


So to ENSURE we would not be late for the flight. My best friend Millie slept over the house so that we could leave the car with her whilst away. We get to the airport at 8am. The flight leaves at 8:50 & this woman that looks like two exclamation points flipped upside down told us it was too late to check our bags on the flight. I was like HEIFERIFYOUDON’TLETMEONTHISFLIGHT  

Ladies y’all know I needed everything in that bag. My wedges, my perfume, my dresses, my jewellery, my makeup, and everything else in between. So my husband get’s the idea that we should just fit all of the clothes in my purse and steal a trash bag from one of the airline janitors to put the rest of the clothes in. When I tell you we walked through the airport security like:



This city is intoxicating. From the food to the weather I fell in love instantly. Everybody in New Orleans is SO SMOOTH!

2015-03-14 23.35.42-1

I was dancing in the street and followed every band! I didn’t even have time to take my headwrap off when we first got there. I was just dancing all over the streets with my hand-grenade drink! I promise you WE ate all of the seafood the city could offer. People down south are so kind an generous. I had flowers given to me by random people in the street! It was also St. Patrick’s Day Weekend so you know it was a hot mess down there.

Thanks to my Mom and her Marriott Points we stayed at The Saint Autograph Hotel. The hotel is smack in the middle of the French Quarter. We were two blocks away from Bourbon Street. (terrifying)

It was a gorgeous, VERY hilarious, and quite comfortable hotel. We had an awesome view of Canal Street. The hotel had black and purple lights in the hallway and a room called the Lucifer Suite– chile. Bless the children!

(BTW I wore Crocs the ENTIRE Trip. If you want to travel in comfort & style wear the Women’s Busy Day Skimmer & the Women’s Cap Toe Flat. As my toes sifted through the trash of Bourbon Street these shoes kept my feet: cute, safe, sound & super comfortable.)

BW NOLA2015-03-14 22.16.16

I even got to hang out with one of my friend’s from College! What a small world!

2015-03-14 23.08.39

Here is a short clip of me actin’ a fool in the city!


 Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

2015-03-14 15.02.18-2
Charbroiled Oysters

2015-03-14 15.16.012015-03-14 15.32.00


2015-03-15 12.29.35-22015-03-15 13.32.002015-03-15 13.24.062015-03-15 13.58.53 

Coop’s Place

2015-03-15 20.22.38-12015-03-15 21.23.13

 Café Du Monde

2015-03-13 17.28.19 2015-03-13 17.12.57-1 2015-03-15 02.12.41-2

Gene’s Po Boy 

2015-03-13 20.00.24-22015-03-13 19.10.57

Save a little bit of money per week and start taking more trips y’all! We need it for our sanity.

Love Y’all & Talk soon!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Yes, we do need to save our sanity. I have three sanity savers coming up this summer. Can’t wait!


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