What Happens Now? | The Journey of Body/Courage Moving Forward

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to support the show on Monday night. It was a surreal experience. Thank you for all the tags, statuses and everything in between. I love you all and I am so grateful! God is good!!!

Thank you: Thomas Murray, Jack Wallace, Patrice Foster, Heather Talbert, Kaye Publicity, Greenhouse Theater and to my phenomenal family! They travelled from around the world to come see the showcase. The MOMS are such an integral part of this journey and show. My mom bought the programs for Monday and my mother in law sewed my swimsuit straps just hours before the performance. My best friend, Lateefah Holder, who hasn’t seen me act in five years, came and saw both shows I am in at the moment. It was a perfect weekend.

Thank you to the amazing reviewers who showed BODY/COURAGE some love!

Read em’ here: The Fourth Walsh & Chicago Stage Standard 

A huge question everyone has been asking me is: What Happens Now?

First. I just got an e-mail literally not even 15 seconds ago from Buzzfeed. I don’t know how much I am allowed to share. But, go on their website this Tuesday Feb 24th and find a surprise : )

Second. Fingers crossed a theatre company will help me finish the development of the script. Even though, you all liked what you saw on Monday, that is no where near what the script will look like. It is going to be so on point. I am applying for a grant next Friday y’all so keep the prayers and good thoughts up for me.

Third. My photographer, Joey Delisi, is the BUSINESS! He is so amazing and I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of the photos he took on Monday : )

A couple hours before the show
A couple hours before the show
Director, Thomas Murray, giving the Curtain Speech
Director, Thomas Murray, giving the Curtain Speech
jenelle mckee - joey delisi
Danielle Pinnock as pageant contestant Jenelle McKee “Skinny Healthy”
joe delisi
Danielle Pinnock as Rashda Shaffi “Dot to Dot” (Rashda’s freckles were removed due to plastic surgery)
Twilight Ladies (Joey Delisi)
Cast of The Other Theatre Company’s “Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992” playing till February 22 at Chopin Theatre
Cheryl Williams (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as Temple University professor Cheryl Williams. “Picasso Breast” (Cheryl is a Breast Cancer Survivor)
Lateefah Holder (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as actress Lateefah Holder. “Fit the Mold” (first “plus size” actress to be accepted into an M.F.A. Acting program in San Francisco)
L. Kenneth Richardson (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as director L. Kenneth Richardson. “Without the Prejudice” (L. talks about how race and body image correlate)
Patricia Krentcil (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as Patricia Krentcil aka TAN MOM “Absolutely ‘Diculous” (wrongfully accused of tanning her six-year old daughter)
Audience Members 2 (Joey Delisi)
Audience members from the Monday night Showcase of “Body/Courage” at Greenhouse Theater Center 
Tan Mom Running (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as Patricia Krentcil aka Tan Mom. Danielle performs Body/Courage wearing Crocs Duet Busy Day Skimmer : ) #courage4crocs
LaRoyce Hawkins (Joe Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as Chicago PD Star LaRoyce Hawkins “Doctor Martin Luther King Kong Junior” (LaRoyce discusses his favorite part of his body)
Dr. Marci Bowers (Joey Delisi)
Danielle Pinnock as Dr. Marci Bowers “Sexual Kindness” (specializes in transgendered surgeries. Dr. Bowers is also a transgendered woman)
Talk Balk w: Thomas (Joey Delisi)
Thomas Murray and I during the talk-back. Check out those Crocs, y’all : )

I just wanted to write this blog post and let y’all know that even in the face of adversity you can still live these dreams. There are too many times in these last couple of months where I have questioned my career path as an actor due to finances and fears. You cannot let these things get in the way of your path and journey.

Love you all and thank you for reading again : )

With Love,


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  1. It is such a joy to know you. You inspire so many to make it happen simply by “making it happen” #Godisfaithful


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