Crocs Family Holiday on the Wallace Household Farm

black and white family

Hi Everyone!

So I just wanted to say this Holiday was amazing! How was yours? Did you get some fun goodies?

My family really spoiled me this year. Some of my gifts included a new phone, a Sari all the way from India, a brand new Canon Camera and lots of gift cards to my favourite restaurants in the Chi. (i.e. Girl and the Goat and PorkChop) Yum!

I got my husband a piano keyboard that he is in love with and my mom some amazing Nine West Boots. I got my mother in law a lovely pair of Women’s Cap Toe Flat’s in Red/Black and she LOVED THEM! You can find them by clicking the hyperlink- also make sure you get that EXTRA 25% off using the code: EXTRA25

All of my family officially loves Crocs. This is so huge! I had friends that came to the house and tried Crocs on for the first time and absolutely loved them. Share you family & friend Crocs photos and videos with me on Instagram & Twitter- by using the hashtag #courage4crocs

Our family loves Crocs so much I made a video:

This Christmas holiday was so special this year. It has always been a tough holiday for me to celebrate because when my father passed away, my mother and I stopped celebrating. Mom and I would get Chinese food, or sleep through it. We stopped getting Christmas trees and no longer decorated. When he passed away Christmas left with him. Since being married to Jack, both my mom and I have been able to rekindle our love for the holiday spirit.

There was so much love this holiday season. My mom flew all the way up to the UK to spend time with me. My brother-in-law’s family came all the way up to the UK from India! It was their first time on a plane and first time outside of India. It was a magical holiday to remember. We stuffed ourselves with Turkey, Ham, Paratha’s, Jamaican Rum Cake, and Fried Fish! We had food from all nations and it was amazing. What did y’all eat?

As we approach the new year make 2015 count! Don’t worry about trying to lose 900 pounds, or setting unrealistic standards for yourself. If you want to lose weight do it in a healthy way by making small changes. If you want to set goals make sure you can reach or surpass them! Do not let this new year stress you out. The most important thing is making sure to do things that make you happy. Set aside a time for a mini-vacation, or even a spa-day. Make this year about loving yourself more and more every single day. Fall in love with you.

Love more, Life Freely and Dream Bigger in 2015.

Love y’all


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