Home is Where the Heart Is & What I Booked This Week

First and foremost why is “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift my new JAM??? Judge me if you want. I have a love hate relationship with Ms. Swift. She is like one of the popular girls at school that ignores you in the cafeteria for four years and then one day needs you to help her hit the notes for the high school musical auditions.

Anyway, how are y’all feeling after thanksgiving? Are y’all still eating leftovers? If so, bring some over to our apartment in Chi-town!

My week back home in NYC was absolutely amazing. I was blessed to be surrounded by family and all of my friends (which never happens all at once) I saw two really great shows: Pitbulls by Keith Joseph Adkins & a reading of a new show: Summer 63′ by York Walker. I had friends in both productions and it was so awesome to see everyone all grown up. Also, my natural hair was a hit amongst my family and friends so I had an extra pep in my step whilst walking through the concrete jungle! Y’all know I had my Waterproof Duck Boots by Crocs every step of the way!

I also had the surprise of re-interviewing Patricia Krentcil, also known as “Tan Mom” for BODY/COURAGE. You will be able to view the interview online next week.

2014-11-26 17.03.10-1

In the midst of constant working and life happening in all directions we can get caught up. I haven’t seen my family since I got married last year and seeing everyone on Thanksgiving completed my spirit. It is always so great seeing the people who have shaped my life. The people where my humour comes from. The people where my love comes from. The people who give me grace to move on. The people who pray over my life. My family. I love them. Family & True Friends are so crucial. The people who know your ins and outs can never be replaced. I literally should have been wheeled out of my aunties house. I ate and laughed so much it hurt.

I also was surprised with some really awesome opportunities that I just wanted to share on my blog with you all first!

  • I just got cast in “Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992” by the amazing Anna Deavere Smith. The Other Theatre Company is producing the show and I am beyond hyped. I got the news whilst at IHOP and literally jumped out of my seat like:

This was huge for me, because I have not been cast in a project (not including Body/Courage) in 10 months. It has been an awesome year of working on my play and workshopping it all over Chicago, but to get the opportunity to work with an ensemble…best christmas gift ever! I am so honoured and can’t wait to work with everyone!!!

As most of you know this summer I took a life changing workshop with Anna called “Personal Narrative, Global Identities.” The workshop is held every year in San Francisco during the month of June. I would highly suggest EVERYONE apply for this course. The great thing about it: you don’t have to be an actor to take the course. Anna Deavere Smith’s work has shaped my career as an actor. I have committed my life’s work to working on documentary theatre and to now have this opportunity to work on her play… (words cannot express)

  • 2nd piece of news : ) I will be on WINDY CITY LIVE this Tuesday modelling Holiday Wear! You can find it on ABC7! So get your DVR’S out and send me some good vibes that I can fit into the clothes after a very intense turkey weekend! I have never done modeling in my life, but I have watched many episodes of America’s Next Top Model! I will call on my inner Grace Jones and rock the runway

You will find some more photos from Thanksgiving break on my instagram and facebook pages.

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What did y’all eat? Did you have a great thanksgiving! Let me know all the deets!!

Love y’all


2014-11-24 17.22.38

The Johnson Family in Philadelphia

2014-11-27 21.11.05

Me and Uncle Robbie who survived a Quadruple Bypass this year

2014-11-27 21.26.35-1

Mommy’s famous plaintains

2014-11-23 14.25.45-1

My husband learning my grandmother’s famous dumpling recipe

2014-11-23 14.54.31-2

My mom and mother in law looking gorgeous

2014-11-27 21.18.34-1

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