Married to the Opposite Race during the Darren Wilson Trial

As most of you know I have been happily married to an amazing man who just GETS ME! He puts up with all of my foolishness and every morning I wake up he constantly gives me the hope/confidence to move forwards with my day. We pray together. He motivates me when I don’t want to be motivated. He made my the best breakfast this morning and guess what…he’s white. He is of the Ginger race as some may call it. Bright red, tall, British husband of mine.

Now, I wanted to take the time and talk about racism in America. I woke up this morning after doing my morning rituals of using the restroom and then praying for peace throughout the day. I then saw these gals:

Found the image here: Missouri high school girls caught wearing blackface for intramural football game [Riverfront Times]

I literally almost lit my entire laptop on fire. I am so over this. Why must some white people CONTINUE to mock us in 2014. When will it stop y’all? I am so tired of history constantly repeating itself in new and improved forms. To anyone who has not seen Dear White People please do yourself a favour and get educated.  I don’t want to hear any of my Caucasian friends or family member saying “Oh, I just can’t watch it, because it is too much!” Watch the film. You will be fine. I will hold you hand through it. Is it the best film of all time? Not even close. But, Justin Simien really has broken down racism in America in a user friendly sort of way. It would be the first movie I would suggest to non-people of color who just wanted to understand what White Privilege even means…

In Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992  Anna Deavere Smith portrays Cornel West and he truly says it best:

If white folks were to experience black sadness it would be too overwhelming for them. Very few whites could take seriously black sadness…They got their own kind of sadness. . .but it’s a very different kind of sadness. It tends to be linked to the American dream

I woke up this morning. Did my ritual. Saw this post on Facebook. Then saw my husband’s color. It is tough.

I am just being honest, when I see elaborate and hidden forms of racism, it is tough being married to a white person. I am just being honest. It is even tougher, being married to a white person who is not even from the country. I feel like anytime something happens in regards to race in this country it is like a black history lesson. Sometimes, I just need someone to have already watched School Daze, Jackson 5: An American Dream, or even Bebe’s Kids. It is tough when I wake up in the morning to ignorance and the nearest white person for me to throw shade at is the love of my life. Black Injustice and White Privilege chats before 7am are not sexy.  (also- to all of my shady ex-boyfriends who are reading this post and think this is an opportunity to randomly call me) Back away from this post slowly I am not asking for any volunteers!

I love my husband to death. He is everything I have ever wanted in a human being. He is love all wrapped in one. However, in this country, it is tough being in an interracial marriage.

I will just say this RIGHT NOW! In the case of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. If Darren Wilson walks off free…AMERICA BE READY FOR A STATE OF EMERGENCY. Whoopi and Rosie say it best….Click Here. 

The tension this country has been experiencing is so palpable. I ask my fellow artists how can we help not only make a difference, but also create a change? This is a HUGE task ahead. How do we make small changes? How do we support the policeman who are not abusing the justice system? How do I respect cops when all I want to do is group them all together?

Anna Deavere Smith says it best: “Theatre can mirror society. But in order to do that theatre must embrace diversity. It must include new characters in our human drama that have not been portrayed on our stages.”

How can we use our crafts to change the world in a small way?

Today I will give you a glimpse of something from Body/Courage. A person I portray who is very near and dear to my heart. Professor L. Kenneth Richardson of Temple University let’s hear what he has to say on how race and body image are correlated.

I will end on this quote by Cornel West from Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992:  “I’m a prisoner of hope. I’m going to die a prisoner of hope. I will never believe that misery and despair have the last word.” I really believe hope is on the horizon. Whatever we have to do to protest or make our voices heard let’s do it.

With Love,




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  1. Hi Danielle, I suppose I view my Irish-American husband the way that participators in the non-violence movement viewed their Caucasian comrades. My husband and I are a team that fully agree on our perspective of race. He is a silent moderator of my FB Page, God Loves Interracial Marriages. As a result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life, I don’t hate racist people. I understand that for many reasons they have a twisted perspective or are ignorant of the truth. The truth is that we all have one origin that range from dominant to recessive genes. Biologically there is only one race, with different colors, cultures, and creeds. I admire Dr. King’s approach of not being overcome with evil, but overcoming evil with good.
    I don’t associate racism with color. I believe that people should be associated with the content of their character (which can change) not the color of their skin.

    When I’m angry about the derogatory comments made about Ferguson protestors or I applaud the work of #hoodsoff #opkkk, my husband is the only person those feelings are verbally vented. Remember there certainly are Caucasian Anonymous members who are risking their lives on behalf of Ferguson residents. We’re all in this together! #swirl


  2. Great article! I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to use my voice as a vessel of change, how to use my art as something impactful to help motivate change and acceptance in this country. It is something that I still don’t have an answer too and still challenge myself to figure out every day.


  3. Danielle, I will watch the film for sure. I a so sick of this race thing!!!!! My sister and her family lives in Scotland. They only visit here. I am from Jamaica and people think I work in the area, but not live. I came here since 1965. My grand children are of mixed race and I told them to hold there head HIGH. Just stay strong and your blood is RED….


  4. Camilla Whitehill November 20, 2014 — 3:17 pm

    I find your blog posts so interesting Danielle. I’m definitely going to watch that film on your recommendation. I empathise with Jack (as a fellow ginger British person) simply because growing up over here means not fully comprehending the complexities of America’s race issues. But we should educate ourselves. Are there any books you’d recommend on this subject?


    • Girl, thank you so much for reading and for all of your support. I know it has been tough on Jack being out of loop. I can only include by creating a positive, open conversation about race in our house. The reality is when we have children (in this country) they will be subject to a great deal of racism. The more he stays informed the better. Some documentary’s just to start you off with: Dark Girls; Hidden Colors is another great documentary as well too. You can find both online. Thank you again for commenting and reading Camilla!! : )


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