Croc Adventures: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

2014-11-11 10.09.44

For those that do not know, I will working as a blog collaborator with Crocs. Basically what that means is I love the shoes so much, I kinda busted my way into this national treasure of a shoe company and they asked me to creatively collaborate with them. So every 2nd Thursday of the Month I will either write a review for Crocs, share a personal experience I have had with the shoes or feature a story for my play BODY/COURAGE where Crocs and body confidence can correlate. My tag line is: Do you have Courage for Crocs? Use #courage4crocs so I know y’all are reading : )

Let’s get to it. First before ANYTHING- visit the website. When I tell you all of these boots they have on this site have me going into a frenzy. Lots of sales are happening on the website too. I have my eyes on the AllCast Waterproof Duckboot (Coral/ Nightfall)!! If anyone tries to tell me Crocs are not cute…chile bye! Go on the website and get your life snatched! They are awesome and have a bunch of new products out that will make your weave slip off its tracks chile!!

Okay so anyway- I went to the UK from October 27- November 10. I stayed for a good two weeks and spent most of my time interviewing women who had been survivors of FGM for my play BODY/COURAGE.  You can find more about that experience by clicking here to find my blog entry Courage = Creating Your Own Story.  I took my Crocs with me every step of the way. You can see a photo collage at the bottom of this blog about my Croc Adventures in the UK.

I was able to stay with family which was awesome and visit my mother in law- who introduced me to Crocs- it was a wonderful trip. I also spent most of the time finishing the script for BODY/COURAGE and really spent a lot of my time trying to make the show special, unique and unforgettable.

When I arrived home to Chicago…I saw a beautiful brown box. that almost drove me to Croc tears…

2014-11-13 08.16.09

When I opened the box…

I literally felt like I had won a round of Double Jeopardy or maybe even Wheel of Fortune. The shoes were absolutely gorgeous. If you want style. Get these shoes. If you live in an area in the world where the winter is DRAMATIC get these shoes!! AllCast Luxe Duck Boot. Click Here.  

2014-11-10 21.14.52

I wear a size 8 and a half. The 9 fits perfectly! When I tell you I felt like I was walking on top of a heaven filled with poodles all day. I was walking like I was on the runway. No one could tell me anything!!

I stepped into work like:

These shoes are luxury baby!!! I was in Croc Heaven all day at work. They combat the rain well and I got SO many compliments on them all day from random people in the street and even on my Facebook & Instagram pages.


They are waterproof and I can handle everything this insane Chicago winter has in store for us this year.  Thank you Crocs again! These shoes are a game changer! Feel free to scroll down and see my Croc photo journey whilst I was overseas! Love ya Crocs and thank you all for reading! Remember to #courage4crocs so I know you’re reading. P.S. I am still trynna be the face of Crocs y’all haha!!!

My Croc Photo Journey in the UK:

Crocs in Piccadilly Circus (London) on the right and seeing Pumpkins at FX “Halloween Night” on the left (London) 

 2014-10-31 10.56.05-1  2014-10-31 19.05.09-1

Crocs Seeing Electra @ The Old Vic (London) – 

2014-11-01 16.43.22-12014-11-01 14.52.00-1

Wearing Crocs with my mother in law (Dr. Maureen E.H. Wallace) she introduced me to Crocs and my first afternoon tea at the Park Lane Hotel (London) photo on the Left was taken outside of “Shakespeare in Love” 

2014-11-01 19.12.44-1 2014-11-01 17.19.58-1

Wearing Crocs on Bonfire Night Fireworks for Remembrance Day (Kenilworth, UK) 

2014-10-31 20.07.38-1

Crocs in the Executive Lounge snacking at Aer Lingus on the right and Crocs in Business Class back home to Chicago

2014-11-10 10.11.532014-11-10 12.24.03-2

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  1. Loving the odd socks in the executive lounge, that takes #courage4crocs.

    I’m glad the boots are getting confidence but I already walk into every room like Thoroughly Modern Millie, sometimes I add a power lunge


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