CELEBRATED CURVES: Why Modern Culture is Late to the Derriere Party

So my morning ritual consists of: waking up, going to the restroom, praying. roaming the Zillow app for houses I can’t afford and then checking my social media pages. The last thing in the world I want to see at 7:24am is Kim Kardashian’s naked bottom on my screen. Paper Magazine looked like they just put Margarine in the microwave and greased her entire body like it was a Pyrex about to go into the oven. I can’t deal. It looks like they have her standing on an auction block, whist smiling and I am perplexed.

Anyways, I have been wanting to write this blog entry for a while and I feel like before I lose any steam let’s talk about it today: Why is Modern Culture Obsessed With the Derriere?

People have been talking about bottoms in a way that our nation has never seen before. I am not really understanding the obsession, because a few years back these curves were not a THING.

Women of color have either been celebrated or dismissed for their curves for centuries. I mean there are so many songs of the past that have been written in dedication to this body part.

  1. “The Thong Song” – Sisqo
  2. “Bonita Applebum” – A Tribe Called Quest
  3. “Bootylicious” – Destiny’s Child
  4. “Ms. Fat Booty”- Mos Def
  5. “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix A Lot

Why is everyone just attending the party now!? I am confused.

It’s like butts are the new Gold Rush. Everyone has to have a fancy derriere. When I tell you I can’t even go to the gym and try to use any machines that have to do with legs or gluteus anything, because they are HOGGED by the Whole Foods Moms. I wanted to talk to y’all about this because I literally don’t GET IT. People are so crazed over getting big curves that they will even INJECT themselves with elixir to get the curvaceous figure they have always dreamed of. WHY???? I mean I guess i understand why, because it is the same as wanting breast implants. I just don’t understand why Butts are a THING. The money you spend on butt injections can put a child through college.

But as Dr. Marci Bowers says in BODY/COURAGE the play: beauty is peace of mind, of knowing that you are at peace with yourself.

I just watched this documentary called “Bottoms Up” about the new obsession modern day culture has with the gluteus maximus. One of the topics it addressed was that women of color were once made fun of by their big lips and big derriere’s. It made me think back to an interview I had with my best friend for Body/Courage a couple of years ago. She told me when she was in high school she would never wear jeans, because she never wanted anyone to comment on her curves.

In my humble opinion, I believe in my heart of hearts when Caucasian women got hip to the trend- that’s when we saw a Butt Boom in our culture. Let’s do a little history lesson, if you do not agree with me.

Sara Baartman

You cannot talk about the exploitation of curves until you address history. I was introduced to Sara Baartman in 2011 when I read the play Venus by Suzan Lori-Parks. Baartman was considered a “freak show” attraction and was called The Hottentot Venus. 

Venus turned around on the stage, Londoners marveled over her ample bottom and wondered about the size of other parts hidden from view. For a little extra, you could poke her with your fingers or a stick. She didn’t tell her life story, as did some other “freaks” of her day. Instead, her silent displays — complete with animal skins, face paint, and a tight body stocking — fueled European myths about people from Africa: They were primitive. Close to nature. Exotic. Hypersexual. For the five and a half years Baartman lived in Europe, from 1810 to 1815, aristocrats ogled her, cartoonists lampooned her, a famous scientist studied and, when she died, dissected her. – US SLAVE: SARA BAARTMAN 
I cried so hard when I read this play and learned more about Baartman. In the play, the women of London began to fashion their outfits by wearing extra material under their petticoats to create a more voluptuous affect to their bodies- also known as the “Bustle Era.”

So you can see why this image of Kim Kardashian startled me this morning. Paper Magazine says they are trying to #breaktheinternet…CHILE
I am over the exploration and exploitation of big butts! I am over twerking being a THING. West Indians have been “twerking” for CENTURIES. Chile…Bye! Miley Cyrus…Bye! Taylor Swift…Extra Bye! Kim K love the new purse North made you but…Triple Bye! Iggy Azealia…PLEASE GO AWAY!

I am over Vogue Magazine coming out of the wood work with articles like “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty.” Vogue…Bye! How dare you Vogue tell us that Iggy Azealia ushered in a new era of Big Bottoms. Sit Down and Take Several Seats. Big Booty’s have always been around and the glorification of them these days has me turning the ULTIMATE SIDE-EYE.
I am ready for what body part modern culture will glorify next!
What do you think it will be? Elbows…maybe? Maybe…cuticles.

Questions I need you all to answer for me:
  • Does having curves truly make you beautiful?
  • When do you think the “Big Booty” craze started?
  • Are you happy with your curves?
Let me know your thoughts–
Actor | Playwright

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  1. Great Blog post. Hm… to answer some of your questions, I don’t think my curves MAKE me beautiful. I thank God for em’ but don’t think I would be less beautiful without them. I’m happy with my waist line, but not my hips. I was never happy with my hips. I was always teased “thunder thighs” “wide hips, no butt” just a lot of stuff. I do believe it’s made me self-consious about my hips and I often find myself trying to slim them down. I think this big booty thing started…idk, I feel like it’s been around forever
    I’m only 25, so from what I remember people were always crazy about big butts. I’ve seen men crave over big butts so much that my cousin wished she had no butt because she felt like men were only attracted to her because of it. Now, women being obsessed with curves and big butts is new info too me. I mean, I knew some women wanted that but I didn’t know it was such a Big Deal today. I too and tired of all the latest trends. The world needs to go somewhere and sit Down. It’s too much!


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