The Wig Snatch that Changed the Face of Television Beauty [Spoilers]

Hey Everyone,

This past Thursday I enjoyed a lovely evening of watching my two favourite shows with my girls, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. We screamed and screeched over some bougie Trader Joe’s Corn Tortilla Chips and Homemade Guacamole. There was cheap wine and Blue Moon involved too. The scene is set.

Honey! If your JAW did not drop while watching  ShondaLand Thursdays!!! The most important moment of television happened on “How to Get Away With Murder” this Thursday night and I have to address it. As most of you know it has been my DREAM to interview Viola Davis for BODY/COURAGE. She is one of my favourite actresses of all time.  So, if any of you reading this has a connection! CALL ME! This show is changing the face of television and it is BOLDY changing the definitions of beauty ONE WIG SNATCH AT A TIME!

For those that don’t know- the show is produced by Shonda Rhimes and stars the gorgeous actress Viola Davis. For those of you who don’t know Viola Davis, she is a QUEEN- now Google Her!

Now, there have been these shady things said about Ms. Davis recently- most particularly the DELUSIONAL  New York Times writer who came out and said:

As Annalise, Ms. Davis, 49, is sexual and even sexy, in a slightly menacing way, but the actress doesn’t look at all like the typical star of a network drama. Ignoring the narrow beauty standards some African-American women are held to, Ms. Rhimes chose a performer who is older, darker-skinned and less classically beautiful

Anyway, Viola Davis, was featured on the daytime talk show The View.
This particular episode of The View was hosted by Rosie Perez & Whoopi Goldberg and Auntie Whoopi asks Viola Davis,
“Isn’t beauty subjective?” Viola Davis says in such a precise way:
I think that beauty is subjective.
I’ve heard that statement my entire life, being a dark skinned black woman.
You hear it from the time you come out of the womb and classically not beautiful is a fancy term of saying ugly.
And Denouncing you.
Erasing you.
Now, it worked when I was younger.
It no longer works for me now.
You know, it’s like Ruby Dee said…
She wanted beauty,
That hard to get beauty that comes from within –
strength, courage and dignity.
And what you’re seeing now, are so many black women came out
after that article.
And they’ve used the hashtag
And they’re showing their faces
And they’re stepping into who they are
Because they’re teaching a CULTURE how to treat them
And How to See Them
Because really at the end of the day
You Define You!
She also has an amazing interview with Oprah a couple of years when she talks about her battle with self esteem.

So this past week on ShondaLand Thursday one of the most iconic moments in television history occurred on “How to Get Away With Murder.” Ms. Davis and Shonda teamed up and gave the middle finger to TV land and said EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS and this happened:

Watch the Video Here

She took the false eyelashes off. She rubbed her face of all of her foundation. She snatched the WIG off. She looked in the mirror with everything bare. Her natural hair was out. She envisioned the EMMY AWAITING HER!
This scene, as a black actresses, was the most important scene I have ever experienced in television history. It was a visceral experience. I thank you Shonda! I thank you Viola. That scene pushed every boundary on the planet. It was historical, especially for African American women living in this country. It taught us what true beauty is. She said I am UNCOVERING MYSELF and showing you my truth and my beauty without the war paint, wigs and societal pressures of this industry.

She is one of the most powerful leading lady’s I have seen in TV thus far. She is beautiful, she is sexy, she is historical. She is strong, she is powerful, she is everything you want to grow up to be as a black actress. She is more then an inspiration she is someone to study and learn from.  The opportunity Shonda Rhimes has given Viola Davis is a rare once in a lifetime opportunity. There are actresses all over the role who would kill and pillage for a role like that. Viola Davis executes the role of Annalise with such precision and class. It is refreshing to see black women portrayed like this. It is refreshing to know that there are writers who are challenging what it means to be “beautiful.” It is exciting to know that if I work hard enough and continue to fully commit myself to the craft that one day I will have an opportunity to change the face of this industry. I am writing this entry to say thank you ABC for being one of the few television channels that are not afraid of risk, because Thursday night’s episode was a true testament of BODY/COURAGE.

What are your thoughts on the scene?
What are you thoughts on beauty in television?
What is your definition of the word beautiful?
Actor | Playwright

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