Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Bushel: An Entry on Knowing Your WORTH

Hi Everyone,

So I am currently at Dublin Airport in Ireland writing this blog and I wanted to get a couple of things out before my paper thin mind forgets! This break has been so transformational for me. I have been able to settle down and re-process everything that will need to be planned for the BODY/COURAGE tour next year as well as in the next weeks to come.

First- I would like to thank my mother in law for booking us on this family holiday! I wish I could truly give you and my mother the world, but I will one day. I can just use my blog to thank you and say you are truly a real life angel. I want to thank my mom for trekking all the way across seas to be with me and the family. We played dominoes, drank wine and ate until the cows came home. I know we all will be going on some sort of a detox this week!

I want to stress to you all the importance of taking breaks. Allowing yourself a chance to take a proper vacation will reconnect you to you and you to your family. Does that make sense?

It is so crucial to take a moment in time to enjoy the creations around us. It does not have to be expensive!

Nobody is trynna say we are all about to go to Spend Our Life Savings; Yacht to Fiji; Pop Champagne and do the Cupid Shuffle in First Class!

What I am saying is that our bodies need this to refocus. How do we work properly when our bodies are running on EMPTY. It takes true Body/Courage to really relax and celebrate your hard work. Your body needs time away to reflect, unwind and recharge.

Whether that be visiting places in your own town for a “Stay-Cation” just to get away from all distractions. If you do not have a passport. Apply for one today. The world is truly at our fingertips. Save $5 to $10 dollars every week and take yourself on a Greyhound Bus away somewhere. Take a look at 15 way to Travel Cheaply

Do not make excuses anymore.

I write this blog especially for my friends who are performers. There are so many times where we become slaves to this industry and we truly begin to live in fear: afraid that we will miss an audition; afraid that we won’t book the gig; afraid of missing out on some HUGE OPPORTUNITY. Stop being afraid! The INDUSTRY is an INSTITUTION like PRISON AND SCHOOL IT IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

When I came to the UK a couple of weeks I looking and feeling like this:

And ended the trip feeling like this:


My mother in law this weekend told my mom: “Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” Which in a nutshell means- KNOW YOUR WORTH! My mom is the most amazing human being I know, but she is constantly not allowing herself to TRULY celebrate the fruits of her labor. Now I have no fruits to celebrate yet, but I am definitely planting the seeds, so that one day I can return the favour to my children and hopefully always be able to travel the world.

I say this to you all with all of the love in my heart, if you were to disappear tomorrow ask yourself:

Have I Enjoyed the Fruits of My Labor? & Do I Live Each Day to the Fullest?

Know your WORTH! Take a small vacation! You Deserve It!

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  1. Great blog, missing you, this is like a nicotine patch for a smoker, a Danielle patch til you come back


  2. You have no fruits to celebrate yet? Girl, what in the world do you call The Body Image Project?! I’d say that’s worth celebrating lol. Great post, and great use of gifs lol


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