Modern Family Has Nothing on Us: Tuscany Edition

Hey Everyone,

As most of you know I am currently on holiday with my in-laws in a gorgeous villa in Tuscany (darling, darling)!

Tuscany Villa

My husband and I are super grateful to have this time away from the Americas, because, unfortunately, we had no summer break. He was working 7 days a week and I was working like a hebrew slave to get the second workshop of “The Body Image Project” on foot.

So, it has been an awesome journey thus far and so many online line foolishness has kept me entertained- i.e. the epic FOG of SHADE Cissy Houston threw towards Aretha Franklin on Ed Sullivan’s second cousin’s late night TV show: Mr. David Letterman. This performance really had me wondering what kind of student loan payments did Cissy Houston have to pay back to “money slave mistress Sally Mae”, because I had no clue why she was singing back up for Queen Mother Franklin.

Catch it here if you have missed it!

I digress, this week, I have been constantly reminded my family is WAY BETTER than anything you would see on TV. Jack and I have been thinking about making a TV show about how different our experiences have been with each other and with our the respective families.

Chile, when I tell you…we have been blessed to have: an amazing Jamaican mother; a Northern Irish mother; a English cousin from Bristol who will, without fail, OUT DRESS YOU FOR THE GODS; a Northern Irish uncle with early onset Parkinson’s who LITERALLY should have a television show, because his comedic timing is UNMATCHABLE; my brother in law from India; my sister in law from England and their gorgeous daughter- who just turned one this week; my two gorgeous aunties who are married; and then there is me- a Ja(merican) girl from the most Kosher Part of New Jersey and my husband who is a 6’1”British, Ginger Man who grew up on a farm listening to R & B Greatest Hits. His Favorite includes songs from Toni, Toni Tone.

If you don’t believe me here are a selection of photos from our life together:

Our Wedding, My Niece’s Christening and Photos from This Week

Baby Christening

Baby Christening

Chloe Selfie

bridal hairl 2

I feel super blessed to be apart of this modern family that breaks all barriers, all political correct(ness), and everything in between. We have been LIVING each day to the fullest. I have been writing, resting, eating antipasta and resting again.

This week we ate a plethora of things that ranged from Gelato; Ragu, Eggplant Curry to Roast Chicken. My personal trainer is about to kill me and I know it. I’m prepared to be sweating in the Gym when I get back like Wesley Snipes finding his neighbour’s Refund Check in the mail!

My mother in law has spoiled us all rotten! She bought me Italian Leather Gloves with an Italian Leather Purse to match. I will be showing up to work at Actor’s Equity Chicago, like the Black Anna Wintour THROWING SHADE TO ANYONE WHO STEALS MY PENS AND INFO SHEET AT AN EQUITY CHORUS CALL LIKE:

All in all, my family gives me the strength and courage to continue forward with BODY/COURAGE  and I just wanted to write this entry to say THANK YOU.

My mom arrives to Italy tomorrow y’all and as you know Mama Pinnock will most likely be arriving with her hair SLAYED by the Dominican Hairdresser in PinCurls; Domino game pieces and Jerk Sauce in her PRADA Purse…

I may have another blog to write on the plane journey back to Chi-Town- we’ll see!

Love y’all


Actor | Playwright

This Post is Dedicated to My Dad who would have been so proud to have known my husband and would have celebrated our mixed up family : ) Happy Birthday and Rest Peacefully-

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  1. i CAN’T with the “Black Anna Wintour”!!! this is so beautiful! more pics & posts please 😉


  2. herthoughtsherhopes October 2, 2014 — 10:28 pm

    Great read and you have a beautiful family! I laughed at that Cissy Houston comment too funny!


  3. Love it! You know how much adoration I have for every person mentioned here!!! 😘

    You’d better be making a trip to England whilst you’re in Europe!! Miss you!! Xxxxxxxx


  4. Love it!!!


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