Chicago Fringe Festival Extravaganza and TOUR!



Hi Everyone!

First and foremost Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!

I know there were a couple of people couldn’t get in last night cause it was over-sold.

Thank you Chicago Fringe Festival for having me and for doing such a fantastic job this year at Jefferson Park. It is so awesome what they are doing y’all go check them out!

For those that missed the performance at the Fringe. There is one last opportunity to see the shortened workshop performance, before I go back into the writing cave to create the full length performance for next year. I will be adding a couple in from the first workshop at Gorilla Tango with these new characters.

September 17, 2014 @7:30pm 

Congo Square Theatre 

2936 N Southport Ave

Chicago IL 60657

For tickets:!jambalaya-series/crgo

These last three months and weekend have been life-changing. I am so thankful to everyone who has flown up to see the show (Mom, Ms. Maureen, Derrick and Ali) To “The Moms” who have treated Jack and I like royalty this weekend. For my mom who flew up from Jamaica and to my mother in law who flew up from England- I love you both beyond words. I am so blessed.

For my husband who has held me down throughout these last couple of months. For every time he listened to be make a new edit or for all of the late nights by computer light that disrupted his slumber- I love you and am so grateful for having you in my life. Thank you for believing in me from day one.

For all of my friends and colleagues who decided to spend a portion of their Labor Day weekend with me at The Gift Theatre. The moments on stage were some of the most magical I have ever had in my life. It was a weekend of healing and transformation. Some of the amazing people I interviewed, were able to see their stories shared live. My heart is so full of thanks and praise to God for blessing me. My wildest dreams have been surpassed. The show was sold-out for the first two days and then over-sold on the last performance. I am just so thankful.  I thank the brave voices who allowed me to portray them on stage. Thank you for your courage.

All I can say is keep spreading the word and hope to see you for the last workshop performance at Congo Square.



Okay- for everyone who has asked me to go on tour, and to bring the show to your city.

Since July I have been trying to figure out which cities to cover. As we all know, tours are extremely expensive. So I will be applying for grants this fall to make this happen. If any of you out there have experience with touring, please e-mail me.

I am so interested in knowing how to make this process work successfully

My dream is to tour: 





San Francisco


Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland

Birmingham, UK



If you live in any of these places and know of any small theatres let me know.

Sending love to you all hope to see you at Congo Square.

Actor | Playwright

Danielle Pinnock-Wallace


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  1. Hi Danielle, I’m interested in coming to see your play, but on the Congo Square website, there is no show listed for Sept 17. Is your show going to be playing on a different date? Thanks!


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