Part Two: What is your FAVORITE Part of your Body? A Photographic Journey

Hello Friends,

Thank you all for supporting The Body Image Project Play and the Photography Segments.

I have gotten a lot of really nice, and much appreciated feedback for this project and I am truly grateful for all of you.

This week I will be focusing on body parts.

What is your Favorite Part of your Body?

A lot of times we can easily think of what we hate the most.

This focus this week on celebrating our bodies rather than defaming them.

Take a look at Part Two’s photographic journey.

All photos were taken by photographer Allison Kortokrax.

Julian Otis, 20s

MFA Operatic Voice Major at Northwestern University- Chicago

Favorite Part of the Body: His Calf Muscles

Definition of the Word Beautiful: To be Simply Soulful



Sasha Gioppo, 20s

Actor and Burlesque Performer 

Favorite Part of the Body: Her Smile 


Candice Jeanine, 30s 

Actor Newly Based in Chicago from St. Louis

Favorite Part of the Body: Her Shoulders


Carly Jo Geer, 20s

Sex Toy Saleswoman for Athena’s and Actor

Favorite Part of the Body: Her Boobies



Jack Wallace, 20s

Voice and Dialect Coach based in Chicago originally from the UK 

Favorite Part of the Body: His Legs


LaNisa Frederick,30s

Actor and Teaching Artist 

Favorite Part of the Body: Her Arms



Maggie Mitchell, 30s

Singer and Marketing Expert based in Chicago

Favorite Part of the Body: Her Eyes and Butt



Dana Cruz, 30s

Triathlete, Mother and all AROUND Inspiration

Favorite Part of the Body: Arms, Shoulders and Décolletage




Actor | Director | Playwright


The BODY IMAGE Project

Favorite Part of the Body: My Nose and Décolletage 



Thank you all for taking the time to view the Photographic Journey

Later this week we will end this portion of the journey with Part 3 which will consist of Portraits

In March we will focus on Wrinkles

Much Love and Hope you Can Come see the Show this April at Gorilla Tango in Chicago

Daniele Pinnock 

Actor | Director | Playwright 

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  1. Yup, in love again. If i could put a picture of my favorite body part in this comment, you’d see my perfectly amazing butt. Lol. Something I’ve struggled with, hated, loved, tried to lose, tried to bring attention to and away from is my butt. Lol. I have obviously had a love/hate relationship with it since it came when i was only 11 yrs old. That’s a lot to deal with at 11. So much negative attention comes with developing too quickly. but I’ve learned to embrace it even though that’s all people want from me sometimes… just ass. Fuck anyone who doesn’t love me for what’s on the inside because they don’t matter. I’m fabulosa all around but my butt is still the best. 🙂


  2. I would have to say my favorite body part are my arms and booty! I went through a major weight loss of over 100 pounds and have been through quite a lot body image wise. But through workout videos and personal training as of recently I have come to love my arms and butt! I love love love the body image project because as I read, people are consistently proud of their bodies and that isn’t always easy especially as an actor and a model. Be proud. Be confident. Be you. Xo


    • bodyimageprojectblog February 24, 2014 — 10:55 pm

      Matt- you are such an inspiration to me. 100 pounds is not easy and you are doing it!!! You are living proof that dreams can come true through hard work and patience. Thank you for commenting and thank you for your support of The Body Image Project. I would love to interview you for this play sometime soon via Skype or In Person. Wishing you the best-D


  3. this looked like a lot of fun!


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