Photographic Journey of the Definitions of the Word “Beautiful”

My favorite definition of the word beautiful is by Dr. Marci Bowers who says that: “Beauty is a peace of mind of knowing that you are at peace with yourself.” While working on this play and project I have met some of the most amazing individuals. The Body Image Project’s journey has been absolutely life changing and such a journey.

In December of 2013 I decided to get some of the people I have interviewed for this play as well as close actor friends/colleagues of mine to find out their personal definitions of the word beautiful through a photographic journey.

Through the photographs of Chicagoan Allison Kortokrax this is what they said:

Sammi Grant

Gorgeous Actress and PhenomenalVoice/Dialect Coach

Legally Blind and SUPER FIERCE

Definition of Beauty: To Celebrate One’s True Self



Sasha Gioppo 

 Beautiful Burlesque Performer and Chicago Actress 

Definition of Beauty: To be Unapologetic


Jack Wallace

Handsome Voice and Accent Coach originally from the UK

Definition of Beauty: Joy


Candice Jeanine 

Fantastic Actress originally from St. Louis 

Definition of Beauty: Striving for Greatness not Perfection 


Maggie Mitchell

Gorgeous Chicago Based Singer and Dancer 

Definition of Beauty: Where Gratitude and Love Meet 


  Dana Cruz

Fabulous Triathlete and Mother 

Definition of Beauty: To be Authentic and Courageous



Danielle Pinnock 

Actor | Playwright | Director of The BODY IMAGE Project

Definition of Beauty: Being Patient with Yourself 


This is Part One: Definitions of Beauty

Part Two will come next week which is focused on the Favorite Part of the Body

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  1. Hi Danielle great project,very interesting views. Congrats.


  2. Why am I JUST seeing this post! I was at least a month pregnant! aaaaand, don’t forget the E in front of St. Louis, East Saint all day.


  3. Yesssss. In love as always. My definition of beauty is confidence. 🙂 seriously I struggle with myself every time someone tries to degrade me by calling me fat or making me seem worthless. But then I keep it moving confidently following my dreams and getting revenge by just being me. I think that’s why I’m beautiful.


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