New Year’s Resolution and The Body Image Project Photo Shoot




Hello Beautiful People,


So this week (and year) thus far have been absolutely incredible. Today was a very special day for me. I was able to get nine of my close friends together and do a photo shoot with the fantastic photographer Allison Kortokrax. It was such a dream. Confidence today was high for all of the ladies and gentleman. Everyone just felt the freedom to express themselves however they wanted. Some of us got bare and showed some skin! It was freeing and it was unexplainable.

Beautiful Bodies Breathing and Living Beautifully.  

It was just an excellent time for everyone to forget the craziness of life of jobs; bills; school and christmas shopping errands. 

I really do want to continue this photography project and hold sessions at least once a month. It was just an amazing event earlier this morning

I was scared to be photographed and honestly I have been pushing this photography session off for a while- since June. At the time I did not feel like I was the perfect weight to have my picture taken. Now I am super played, because I am now back to the same weight I was last year when I started trying to lose weight!

These women and men today gave me the courage to be photographed any way, shape or form. Maybe I can inspire a person who may feel like they don’t fit the norm, because they may carry a few extra pounds. 

The Body Image Project’s full length production will be performing at Guerilla Tango Theatre in Chicago. I am gearing up properly for this production: mentally and physically. Tomorrow I will begin a fitness plan only. No diets. I am going to join either Curves or the extremely small gym that’s two blocks from my house. That Gym legit has like four workout machines- and I like it because it is not competitive and it’s close enough so I know I will go!  That is my Christmas Gift to myself. I have to get in shape for this production so that I can survive a 60 minute show on my own. I am so excited. I just feel like 2014 is my year! 2013 was such a memorable year. It was such an unplanned year. It was a true year of faith and thanksgiving. It was also a year of grief and often ladled with draughts of fearfulness. I got married in 2013 to a man that is a gift. We live in Chicago and made that dream happen. God has provided through  all of it. The Body Image Project which was just an idea at my Master’s program will now officially have it’s first full length run in April, with speaking Engagements at Howard University and it has a blog!

My New Year’s Resolution is to learn how to be disciplined. That’s it. Once I learn this it will help me in my finances, fitness, as an actor etc. I am so excited for this new year. I am so excited for Christmas I get to see my family in the UK and finally meet my baby niece Margaret!!!

I want next year to be a year of truly making BIG Dreams happen. Let’s do it together!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Here are a few photos I clipped on my IPAD from the shoot!!

Professional Photos to Come Soon : )











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