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The move to Chicago has been amazing. My husband and I are finally learning our way around The Windy City. We have painted the apartment bright colors and we have been just truly living. Nothing has held us back. I have been finding new hobbies. At one point in my life I handled stress by drinking massive amounts, but now, I really have found a joy in cooking. It really and truly de-stresses me and I just have been having a blast really making dishes that I have never grown up eating. This morning I made deviled eggs, and a fruit platter- DELICIOUS.


Enough about food! This next blog entry I really want to talk about what occurs when you over-extend yourself. Right now, as some of you know, I have four jobs. I work at the lovely and amazing Chicago Shakespeare, Actor’s Equity; I am in a play, and coach actors on the weekends.


To say the least- I am tired all the time. Despite this amazing whirlwind of a life, it does take a toll on me sometimes.  Today was the first day off in a while and I got to finish painting the house and roast lamb. HAHA! That was a real treat for me.


As a newly married living in the real world, there are a lot of expenses/responsibilities.

But, I have to remember to take time for myself.  Do the things I love. I come from a family of extremely hard workers- especially my mother. She is just phenomenal at how many things she could do at once.  I have the bloodstream of a legacy of women who have broken their backs to attain their dreams- I sometimes feel crazy if I were to stop working so hard.


It has been difficult as an actor in Chicago. I have gotten lots of callbacks for amazing things, but I am still waiting to book a really big job. Timing is everything I know. Of course- I know exactly what business I have signed up for, but it can get so discouraging.

One of my jobs entails working at a call center at a theatre in Chicago.  During our training sessions, we were encouraged to use “Replacement Words.” Instead of “No Problem” we say “Not to Worry.” In retrospect it seems so silly, but it has gotten me a couple of sales at the call center- so I cannot complain. I have really tried to adopt this methodology in my own life. How can I change my own words about myself? Are these four jobs getting me any closer to my dreams? I will in the near future be getting rid of one of the jobs, because I am not getting any where close to what I really want to attain in this life. If that means that my husband and I have to eat Cup of Noodles sautéed in white wine then that is what it is going to have to be. Do not over extenuate yourself to the point where you are so burned out you cannot successful execute God’s plan for your life.


These Replacement words have really helped me in regards to body image as well.

Instead of looking in the mirror and saying “I look a crazy hot mess” I have now begun to say, “I am a gift and am gorgeous.” Instead of looking at my belly in disgust, I have begun to replace my thoughts with more positive images.  I look at my body as a gift. I was made with such care in precision. My body is the lineage of my ancestors, whose beautiful bronze, golden skin and curves allowed them to travel the depths of this earth. We are gifts. Replace your words. The next time you or I complain about work or struggle- there is always someone who has it so much worse. Instead of “I have to go to work” say, “I get to go to work.” That might be a stretch for some people reading this! Hahaha! I definitely understand. Replace the negative with the positive and live freely. Life is extraordinarily short. Make sure you have no regrets when it is over.  Do not waste time insulting yourself and/or other people. Leave gossip to the birds.  There is power in every word you say.  Let that power be of positive use.


Have a great week! Miss you all!


See you next week : )


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