Letter from Danielle

As a first generation Jamaican American, I can remember at an adolescent age being surrounded by storytellers and extravagant characters. I grew up in a home where the scents of jerk chicken, fried plantains and curry seafood permeated not only my household, but also my inner being. Food brought the family together and in many ways became my addiction. My most memorable moments with my family consisted of my sage-like, “vegetarian,” grandmother who would shout verses from Psalms on her exercise bicycle with a beef patty in hand.


Body image has been a topic of interest of mine ever since I was a child. I have always had an awareness of my body as long as I can remember. I have hilarious memories of my family members squeezing me into church dresses, or having the misfortune of wearing tights in elementary school ballet productions.  Even though I have always been the “chubby” girl in school, it has never affected my passion to transform on stage. The Body Image Project is a play that every single human being can relate to.  The women and men that were interviewed in for this play are extremely diverse in religion, sexual orientation, race and creed. The show is not just a play it is a campaign that needs to be seen and heard in the theatre.

In September 2012, I graduated with first distinction honours in from the Birmingham School of Acting in the United Kingdom with a Master’s degree in Acting.  My dissertation consisted of a one-woman verbatim play I compiled and directed entitled: The Body Image Project. I went on a quest to find people in the United States and in the United Kingdom who would share their personal stories on their bodies. For this project, I have been into the English pubs of Exeter, into the embracing arms of Afghanistan war veterans, the hallways of New Jersey hotels, and into the most beautiful homes of Ireland. The Body Image Project performed in March 2013 at The Strawberry One-Act Competition in New York City and won the award for “Best Actress in a Performance.”  The play also garnered a “Best Director” and “Best Play” nomination.

If you would like to be interviewed, or would like to be apart of this project in anyway, please e-mail me at Ironprintco@gmail.com

God Bless,

Danielle Pinnock


The Body Image Project


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  1. Hi Danielle!! Yay! I happy to connect with you, girl!! Congratulations on your project and success….I’m inspired 🙂


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